Difficult to say right off the bat. It depends on the size of your home, how many live there, are there children, are there pets (particularly hair shredding dogs), your lifestyle and your budget. If you elect for a one-time Deep Clean and don’t clean again for three months, then you’re back at a Deep Clean again. If you want monthly service, then you will be at Get It Clean but with a 10% discount as a repeat customer. The reason why monthly cleanings are considered at the Get It Clean level and not at the Keep It clean level is because the house will have accumulated, by our standards, a significant amount of dirt, dust, and pet hair (if applicable) and it’s just not the same as cleaning on a more frequent basis. We will always recommend to all our customers that they elect to have weekly, bi-weekly, or tri-weekly service at the minimum – there are some customers who want service twice a week or even every day, so it’s all down to how clean you want your home to be, your lifestyle and of course your budget. The more frequent your cleaning is then the cheaper it will be to keep your home immaculate looking on a per cleaning basis.