If a customer has requested any of our add-on services then it will be included in our text message to you and will appear like: “Monday, 11/12 @ 9 AM. Name: John Smith. 200 West 57th Street, apt # 5A, Manhattan. Someone is home. 1/1/Deep + clean inside regular fridge, + clean inside regular oven 6 labor-hours”. If it’s not part of our communication to you then it has not been ordered and customer may be seeking to take advantage of you, and us. In such event, you must tell the customer to request these add-on’s with us directly so that we can then send them an electronic invoice to pay. Once confirmed, we will then give you authorization to proceed with the additional tasks and increase the amount of labor-hours and pay to you accordingly. Do not attempt to work directly with the customer, if you do and we find out then we will not offer you any future assignments – honesty is an integral part of our working relationship.