Post-Renovation Cleans take longer than homes that only require Deep Clean service due to the accumulation of dust. Dust is usually found throughout the house even if the construction/renovation was confined to certain areas. If the home was “cleaned” by others before our cleaning professionals arrive but dust is still visible then this indicates that Post-Renovation Cleaning is needed and if the floors are wooden or tiled then it is advisable to also select Steam Mop Floors, and Vacuum and Wet Wipe Baseboards if present. Post-Renovation cleans automatically select Deep Clean cleaning type.

Be aware that such cleans are more costly than our Deep Clean service, this is not about looking at ways to charge you more money but to advise that more time is needed to be able to obtain the desired results. After spending what could be thousands of dollars on renovating we want to be sure that you will be happy with our cleaning service and in this regard it is money well spent.

Additional time and charges are based on a per room basis and can be viewed on the Order Detail on the right side of our check-out page.

Breakdown of these rooms are:

Bedrooms, Bathrooms, half-baths, kitchen, den, basement, office, pantry, living room, family room, dining room, all count as individual rooms. Please note all debris, including dried concrete in bathtubs, sinks, kitchen sinks, and dried paint, from construction/renovation work must be removed by clean-up crew before our cleaning professionals will be able to proceed with cleaning