Our pay starts of at $15 (net) per labor-hour so if you complete a 4 labor-hour assignment then you will be sent $60 via PayPal, as an example. Depending on your level of experience, how many assignments you do, how many 5-star reviews you receive from our customers; how punctual you are in arriving all goes towards our deciding how quickly to increase your pay.

We believe people who are given respect, opportunity, and ability to earn more pay are happier with what they do and work harder to maintain their success and this in turn is beneficial to us as a company.

Our interest is in you and to create the basis for a long-term relationship. You may decide this is not for you long-term, perhaps it is a stepping stone for you elsewhere. Whatever you decide we recognize this is your life-journey and we welcome our relationship with you if you should like it.

Thank you for taking the time to read through these questions and answers, we hope you find it useful.