A one-time, basic clean intended for homes that don’t require detailed cleaning – these are homes that might include light cleaning and tidying up. This cleaning is our most affordable service and is time-based. We allow a 15-minute grace period, if needed, beyond the allocated time for each home configuration, and any time needed beyond that is chargeable in 15-minute increments at the rate of $40 per labor-hour (i.e. $10 for every 15 minutes).

This service level is great also for customers who seek a more affordable service as well as those who only want light cleaning or tidying up prior to guests arriving. Since it is time-based, It is also a good option for those only wanting bathroom and kitchen cleaning and utilize the allocated time within these areas rather than to dilute the time among the entire home. Approximate use of time would be 15 minutes per bedroom, 15 minutes on half-bathroom, 20-30 minutes on full-size bathroom, 30-45 minutes on master bathroom (tub and walk-in shower), 30-45 minutes on kitchen, balance of time on living areas of home – as an example.

Since this service level is already heavily discounted it does not accept any coupon codes.