Holidays, festivals, special occasions all are times when you get to spend time with your friends and family members and just have some pure fun. These occasions become even more enjoyable if the gathering is bigger in size. But social gatherings at home are fun as long as the environment is clean and tidy. Nobody likes to visit a place and spend hours there if it smells awful and is cluttered.

Special occasions call for special cleaning services which E-Z CLEAN can provide at a great price. Our deep cleaning services in NYC are quite popular as our clients just love the way their house looks once we deep clean it. While you can get in touch with us anytime for the proper cleaning of your house, below are some occasions where you MUST seek professional cleaning service. Let’s take a look at those occasions.

Parties – You are excited about the upcoming party at your house. There are going to be a lot of guests and you want to create an unforgettable experience for them. You have set up the music system in place, you’ve thought about the food, lighting, and whatnot. But do you realize that your guests are going to be everywhere in the house? They’ll be in the kitchen, living rooms, bathrooms, garden, virtually everywhere. Your house needs to be clean and tidy. The first impression is the last impression, you must have heard that phrase. Hiring a professional cleaning service and deep cleaning your house before the day of the party will help you make a good impression on the guests

Neighborhood Events – Although they are usually outdoor activities, you never know if neighbors suddenly want to take a glance at your house. You do not want them to see an untidy house and think of you as somebody who doesn’t take cleanliness seriously. So when a neighborhood event is around the corner, it is best to stay prepared and keep your house clean. If a neighbor wanders inside your house, you stay relaxed as you know they’ll be impressed by how well-kept your house is

After Party Cleanup – The day of the party was super fun. The following day, hmm, not so much Plates, furniture, bottles, boxes of food, etc. are all over the place. You can give it a go but it would a lot of time for you to put everything in order and your work schedule can also be affected. Let cleaning professionals do their job while you ready yourself for work and other essential chores

Moving In/Out of House – Changing places can be a stressful process for many people. You can make it significantly easier for you by hiring a professional cleaning service that will ready the new house for you in no time. Moving into a clean, nice-smelling house will uplift your mood and make the transition to a new place a lot simpler. You can also hire E-Z CLEAN to clean the place when you’re leaving it

Get in touch with us when facing any of the above-mentioned occasions. Once you witness the kind of cleaning we do, you’ll never allow anyone else to clean your house