Renovation is undeniably a messy affair. Even after weeks, you may find dust settled on a high shelf that you overlooked at the time of cleaning. Once again you have to brace yourself to begin the cleaning drill before you can relax.

Although this post-renovation cleaning task is unpleasant, it’s extremely necessary. The settled dust is harmful not only for you, but also for children, pets, and people with respiratory conditions.

When you want to eliminate this mess, quickly and efficiently, make sure to follow these important tips.

Keep windows open
First thing first, get yourself a mask. Being in a room covered under thick dust without wearing a mask is very unhealthy. Whether it’s cold or hot outside, it’s important to open all windows while you’re cleaning to allow ventilation. Airflow will naturally draw dust out, minimize odors of sawn wood and plaster dust, and eliminate overwhelming smells of cleaning products.

Dust everything
It’s time to clean every surface and shelf wherever you find accumulated dust. Take a microfiber cloth and start wiping down everything. You can use old rags, but it will not do the job properly. Cleaning such stubborn dust requires cleaning tools that effectively collect and wipe off dust particles.

Leave the room for a while
You might be tempted to finish all the cleaning as soon as possible. But before jumping to the next task, leave the renovated room for a few minutes. Dusting leaves dust particles in the air, and it takes time for them to settle down again. Either take a break or start dusting other rooms.

Get started with vacuuming
It’s time to thoroughly clean every inch of your living space. Instead of working at full speed to finish the job in minimum time, try going slow to ensure your vacuum cleaner picks up all of the dust. You don’t want to miss out on spots now and regret later.

Don’t forget air vents
Air vents are like a home for dust. During post-renovation clean, it’s common for people to forget to check the air vents. If you don’t want a clogged cooling and heating system and recirculation of the dust back into your rooms, then make sure to vacuum air vents and external grills.

It might seem ideal to take care of all the cleaning after the renovation process, but in truth, it’s very exhausting. Rather than tiring yourself out, why not consider post-renovation cleaning services in NYC. From post-renovation cleaning to standard weekly cleaning, E-Z clean has a wide range of house cleaning services to offer you. Place your cleaning order with them right away.