No one likes to invest more time and effort into cleaning aside from what is necessary. This is why we are constantly on the lookout for solutions that will make the task easier. Home supply stores usually carry tons of innovative cleaning products and tools that are designed to eliminate our cleaning woes. Even going online, you’ll be able to see plenty of seemingly genius cleaning hacks and tricks. But do all of them work? The only way to know is to do trial and error yourself. But to save you the hassle, here are four common cleaning tricks found on the internet that don’t:

1. Soak clothes in a salt solution to prevent color bleeding.
Salt is for your fries, not your clothes. There’s no way to stop the dye of your clothes from bleeding if they didn’t go through the right finishing process when it was manufactured.

2. Add a few lemon wedges in your dishwasher for cleaner utensils.
Adding one or two wedges of lemon in your dishwasher will only make your dishwasher and utensils smell nice. They will not contribute to the cleaning process since it doesn’t have any antibacterial or disinfecting properties. Considering the capacity of your dishwasher, the number of dishes you put in, and the amount of water that is used, there is nothing a few wedges of lemon will do.

3. Use hairspray to remove ink stains.
It is not the hairspray but the alcohol present in it which does the trick of removing ink stains. Hairsprays today do not contain as much alcohol as they used to in the past, which means that this hack is not effective anymore.

4. Sodas are for cleaning your toilet.
Yes, sodas can be used to clean some stains. But unlike actual toilet bowl cleaners, your favorite fizzy drinks are not formulated to kill germs. Additionally, sodas can leave a sticky residue on the bowl, which can contribute to bacteria growth.

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