If you are in New Jersey, or looking to work in New Jersey (across NY state line on the west side of the Hudson) then you need to have your own car, cleaning equipment and cleaning supplies. You need to have the necessary tools of the trade to provide service. If you call an electrician or a plumber to your home do you expect them to bring what they need to do the job, of course; well, it’s the same thing for our customers.

If you are in New York City and are seeking to work in Manhattan, then you need to have at least a “Mobile” set of cleaning equipment and products since most of you will be using public transportation to get around.

You can’t assume when arriving at an assignment that the customer is going to have everything needed to do the job. If they do, then that’s great but you need to go prepared in case they don’t – there’s nothing worse than showing up to provide a service only to realize that you can’t because you didn’t show up prepared. You will have a better idea for recurring service with the same customers what you should take. It’s common sense but remember if you show up for a cleaning assignment and can’t provide the service then you don’t get paid, so be prepared!