A one-time, extremely thorough clean. We recommend this level of service on first time cleans as well as Moving Cleans.

Specifics of the service are outlined below:

Scrub and disinfect tub/shower
Scrub and disinfect tiles
Scrub and disinfect sinks
Scrub and disinfect toilet inside bowl as well as outside
Stain removal within tub/shower/sink – where stain can be removed time permitting (not rust)
Wipe down countertops, shelves (exterior), shower door, shower caddy/soap dish, cabinet fronts, window sills, trash cans (exterior)/empty trash/replace liners
Detail clean mirrors and chrome
Clean (usually hand wash) and disinfect floors
Change towels (when provided)

Scrub range/stove top and backsplash
Scrub sink
Clean microwave interior
Clean appliance exteriors
Clean table tops
Damp wipe cabinet fronts
Clean countertops
Vacuum and wash floor
Wipe down trash cans (exterior), window sills

All rooms:
Pick up and straighten
Remove cobwebs
Dust/Vacuum furniture
Method wipe wooden furniture (where appropriate)
Vacuum carpets & area rugs
Dust sills, ledges, wall hangings
Vacuum stairs
Vacuum under beds
Vacuum and mopping wooden/tiled/marble floors
Change linens, make beds (when linens are provided)
Empty trash/recycling & replace liners
Dust lighting fixtures/TV and other monitors (not screens)/ceiling fans/door frames/picture frames/table and chairs/shelves