At the end of your cleaning assignment, the cleaning professional will ask you to do a walk-though and then fill in and sign our completion form. You, or your authorized representative, have agreed to do this when placing your order.

Should there be anything the cleaning professional may have missed, or not to your satisfaction, then please ask the cleaning professional to go over it again AND BEFORE THEY LEAVE!

The cleaning professional is always polite and willing to accommodate your request in accordance to your order and to the services provided as detailed in our Services link located in our website header.

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This is the whole purpose of the walk-through – we want to be sure that the cleaning meets with your satisfaction, and while the cleaning professional is still there.

If you advised us in your order that no-one will be there during, or upon completion of, the cleaning assignment, then kindly email us the completed form within 24 hours of service.

If there was an optional add-on that was NOT selected by you and therefore not included in your order but for which you should now like added:


(Above add-on pricing example based on a 1 bedroom home.)

Then let us know and we will send you a link to an electronic invoice for you to pay against and then authorize the cleaning professional to provide that service.

Thank you for your understanding of our protocols and for allowing us to provide service to you.