When it comes to hiring professional cleaners for residential cleaning, communication is most important. When you properly communicate, it becomes a lot easier for them to understand your needs and wants, and for you to get the quality service as expected. 

Today, we’re shedding light on how you must talk to cleaners when you get professional cleaning services in Manhattan to make it easier for them to do the job right and up to the mark. 

Create a cleaning list
Creating a list of cleaning tasks does two things. It makes it clear whether you want light cleaning, add-on services, or deep cleaning with sanitize service. That way, you get a better picture of what services you need and how frequently – weekly, bi-weekly, or once in a month. Secondly, you pay heed to certain areas that might need special attention. So, whenever you call for professional cleaners, you can provide them with a comprehensive cleaning list to make the communication a lot easier. 

Pick up things in advance
Professional cleaners do their best to clean the house. But a messy home with toys on the floor, clothes on chairs, and stacks of letters on the table, it becomes harder for them to do a good job. Not only they take a longer time than expected but also charge you extra. So, when you keep the house tidy and organized, professional cleaners spend more time on cleaning tasks – for which they’ve been hired. 

Show them around and discuss your expectations
When professional cleaners visit for the first time, walk through your home to show them around. Utilize this time to discuss areas where you want them to focus more. Even you can consider leaving notes with special instructions on specific areas that need attention. 

Review their work and give feedback
When cleaners are done with their job, go through your home to see their work. Take notice of anything you’re pleased with or anything that wasn’t cleaned as you expected. You can leave feedback on the website, or directly talk to them. Always remember to be polite and kind. When the cleaning job isn’t done right, a short conversation can resolve the problem almost instantly. 

If you like the cleaners, you can request for their services again. The more they come to your home for cleaning tasks, the more familiar they get with your needs and wants. And, ultimately, they become more effective and efficient over time. 

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